The items listed below are my recommendations to any wireless professional.

Bose 700 Noise Canceling head phones:

First off these are not cheap, but they are the best must have headphones. I have had my old Bose Quite Comfort 15 since they came out and have lasted me well, but required to upgrade. The Bose 700 are the best noise cancelling Headphones on the market, they are extremely comfortable, have excellent sound and are fantastic when taking phone calls. More importantly they perform awesome at cancelling out the noise of a plane or a server room.

If they were stole or lost I would buy another pair.

APPLE Air Pods

I use Apple Air Pods all the time, they come with me everywhere. They sound great “to me” and are excellent when taking phone calls or in meetings. I have had no issue with them falling out since buying them 2 years ago. When perform a wireless site survey, I have either both or at least one in ear when I am performing wireless site surveys.

They sync between all my other APPLE devices perfectly. Like I said, I take these with me everywhere, they are so small and fit perfectly in my pockets with no issues.

My only gripe is they can get dirty quickly and they are not the easiest things to clean.

If they were stolen or lost I would buy another pair not doubt about it.

WifiMetrix from Nuts about Nets:

The WifiMetrix is a dual band handheld Wi-Fi testing device that enables the Wi-Fi professional or hobbyists the ability to perform a few specific wireless tests.

I first heard about the WifiMetrix when I watched a 2018 WLPC video presentation of Steve Leytus from Nuts about Nets, talking about the device, linked here.

At the time of that presentation the WifiMetrix could do the following tests:

AirHorn: is a packet injector/ signal generator that can be used to stress test a wireless network.

WifiPROBE: Tests and measure the best channel based on available transmit time.

While the ability to perform those tests are extremely useful, it was not until I watched the 2019 Prague WLPC presentation by David Coleman where he used a prototype WifiMetrix to simulate DFS events, linked here, is when I decided that I would like to acquire one upon offical release.

The ability to easily test how AP’s act upon a DFS event is fantastic and makes the WifiMetrix From Nuts about Nets a must have tool for the wireless professional.

To learn more about this DFS testing capability of the WifiMetrix check out the following site, linked here.

If my WI-FiMetrix was stolen or lost I would buy it again.

Metageek Eye P.A:

My recommendation for Wireless frame analysis software is Metageek Eye P.A .

It is an excellent 802.11 wireless packet analysis software that runs on windows, but you can also run it on MAC when using parallels or VMware fusion.

I have it currently setup on my Macbook Pro using VMware fusion using a Win 10 as VM.

Metageek Eye P.A is well priced at $799 USD. It is easy to use and navigate. The visual representations of the captured information is displayed in a way that makes identifying faults or analysis of problems quickly identifiable.

If you require further investigation you can filter down using the in built filters in Eye P.A or export the pcap file into Wireshark.

One awesome feature with Eye P.A is you can easy perform multi adapter frame captures. I use 4 x edimax AC1750 adapters, and they work like a dream, very happy with the software and recommend it to anyone,

Eddie Forero demonstration Metageek Eye P.A software and multi adapter frame captures

Great video from Hey Eddie on Metageek EYE P.A

If my Eye P.A was stolen or lost I would buy it again

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