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Since leaving the Army in 2012 and for a few years after, I remained fairly active and healthy. However rather quickly my health to a back seat. Life just complicated . I could bang on about all the excuses but in the end its on me and me alone.

So I have reach a point where I no longer want to be a fat mess and get back to being a healthier role model for my family and myself.

So this is my Fitness Journal.

AM RoutineStretching 30mins
Slow Steady Cardio 30mins
Stretching 30mins
Slow Steady Cardio 30mins
Stretching 30minsStretching 30mins
Slow Steady Cardio 30mins
Stretching 30mins
Slow Steady Cardio 30mins
Stretching 30minsRest
PM routingStrength trainingHiit training 45minsStrength trainingHiit training 45minsStrength trainingHiit training 45minsRest

Routine- March till April

27 April 2020: Day 4 of Couch to 5km

26 April 2020: Day 3 of Couch to 5KM and Upper body strength routine

25 April 2020: Rest day

24 April 2020: Day two couch to 5Km , went well. and weigh in day weight is 98.4

23 April 2020: Strength routing focusing on shoulders , little cardio ( boxing bag )

22 April 2020: Morning: Start Couch to 5km running program today was day 1 , went well. Afternoon.

21 April 2020: Rest and light cardio

20 April 2020: am, Cardio 45min walk/run. PM Strength upper body exercises

19 April 2020: Cardio

18 April 2020: Strength lower body exercise

17 April 2020: Rest day

16 April 2020: 45mins cardio walk/run

15 April 2020: Tabatta session 4 exercise 8 rounds at 20seconds sprint 10 rest, exercise, Rower, squats, situps, pushups

14 April 2020: Strength day

11,12&13 April 2020: Off days due to Easter holiday

10 April 2020: 3 rds 10 x ring dips, 15 xback extension on GHD, 10 x40kg barbell shoulder press, followed by 25mins run/walk cardio

9 April 2020: Rest day

8 April 2020 Strength Day: Quads, Hammys and lower back

ICE box was used for step ups

7 April 2020: Strength day: Chest, Shoulders Back & Arms

6 April 2020:

PM: 20 sledge hammer slams each arm, 20 pushups 5 pull ups & 500m row 3rounds

-Tip: You can get an old beaten up tyre from any car tire shops, they usually give them away for free. I f not go to another tyre shop. Sledge hammer from any hardware shop.

8kg sledgy and tire

AM: Morning slow steady cardio

Knee braces! what the fuck….. Things I have to use now to help with knee pain. 😦

5 April 2020: 5 rounds, 50, log carry 100m sprint 50m log carry, 5 pull ups

log options
My Youngest training with me

4 April 2020: REST DAY

3 April 2020: 3x100m sprint 20 push ups 20 squats 5 rounds

2 April 2020: 30mins slow steady cardio on spin bike

1 April 2020: 5 rounds of 20x 7kg medicine ball slams, 12 chest press, 500m row

31 March 2020 3 rounds 20x 25kg sandbag clean and press, 500m row, 100m run, 25 GHD sit ups, 20 Australian pull ups

Youngest giving my eldest words of encouragement, I am sure of it!

then 3 super sets of dumbbell bis curls (curls for the girls ) and resistant band tri extension

30 March 2020 5 rounds 500m row, 5 Pull ups, 20 pushups 20 each arm tire slams using 6kg sledge hammers

29 March 2020 Rest day 14k Steps

28 March 2020 Rest day 10k Steps

March 27 2020 Team exercise: 1st person rows 500m, 2nd person sprints till the person finished the 500m row, once finished perform 15 curls & press 20 Sumo deadlifts, the repeat but the person that rowed at the start now is sprinting.

March 26 2020: Hills sprints, more like a hill walk for me

March 25 2020: 5 rounds of :50m 25kg sandbag throws and 100m sprints

March 24 2020: Strength: Chest press, shoulder press, bent over rows , squats, stiff legged deadlifts, ghd situps, 4 sets at 10-12 reps

March 23 2020: Workout, included 5 rounds of 500m row, 20x pushups, 20xGHD back extension. 20x each arm 8kg sledge hammer slams on tire.

March 22 2020: Workout, included 5 rounds of 500m row, 5 x pull ups 20xGHD situps 15x15kg dumb bell press.

March 21 2020: Day 1, the start….. Set up my Garage gym

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