Using Apple IOS devices to provide basic Wi-Fi information

The following information is a simple process that can be used to gather very basic Wi-Fi information from the perspective of the Apple IOS client device. Information captured as part of the process can then be emailed and reviewed. Required the following; Apple IOS devices i.e. IPad Airport Utility installed Notes application  ( installed byContinue reading “Using Apple IOS devices to provide basic Wi-Fi information”

Reasons why not too install AP’s in false ceilings.

Its is bad design…. How can we design for something we cannot measure? A wireless design needs to account for signal attenuation, one of the big design requirements is to account for the loss caused by  walls, windows etc. We do this by measure the signal loss and accounting for it in our designs. HowContinue reading “Reasons why not too install AP’s in false ceilings.”

Installing a Windows server CA signed certificate into ISE 2.4

Step 1: Download your Root CA certificate, depending on your setup this step may vary In this example my certificate authority will be my home labs windows 2008 server, it is assumed that you have access to a CA server  or signed CA certificate already Step 2: ISE use .pem format for its certificates, theContinue reading “Installing a Windows server CA signed certificate into ISE 2.4”

Using UC-232AC USB to serial adapter on a Apple Mac

The purpose of this blog post is to show the steps required on how to add the UC-232a USB to serial cable to your Apple MAC and then how to configure a profile so you don’t have to enter the commands again. I have had to do this a lot recently due to issues withContinue reading “Using UC-232AC USB to serial adapter on a Apple Mac”

ECSE Design

I recently sat (Sept 2019) the Ekahau Certified Survey Engineer (ECSE) Design course in Melbourne Australia instructed by Eddie Forero the man behind , course hosted by The ECSE Design course is 1 of 3 courses that Ekahau offer, they also offer an Advanced and Troubleshoot course, for further information on  Ekahau and the coursesContinue reading “ECSE Design”

Basic overview of Wireless QoS

The purpose of this blog post is to hopefully provide a better understanding of wireless QoS without doing deep. Wireless QoS simply put it is a method of prioritising certain types of frames, so that it spends less time waiting to transmit. When talking about Wireless QoS most people are referring to either Wi-Fi MultimediaContinue reading “Basic overview of Wireless QoS”

CCNP Wireless Deploy (300-365)

The following information is for anyone that is looking at or is currently studying for the CCNP Wireless Deploy (300-365) exam. Information about the CCNP Wireless exams can be found here as well there is a CCNP Wireless study group Study material is limited but I have listed what is available below, the best thingContinue reading “CCNP Wireless Deploy (300-365)”