CCNP Wireless Design (300-360)

The following information is for anyone that is looking at or is currently studying for the CCNP Wireless Design (300-360) exam. Information about the CCNP Wireless exams can be found here  as well there is a CCNP Wireless study group The following material below is what I would recommend for anyone looking at studying forContinue reading “CCNP Wireless Design (300-360)”

How many clients can we have per radio?

A very common question we wireless professionals get asked is. How many clients per AP can we have on this AP? To help us determine and better answers this question there are some excellent resource available that I have linked below. Highly recommend becoming familiar with them. Capacity Planner by Andrew Von Nagy at RevolutionwifiContinue reading “How many clients can we have per radio?”

The importance of physical AP separation

The following information is to highlight the negative impact that occurs when AP’s are installed next to each other <3m, as It is not uncommon in today’s wireless deployment, to see these types on installations.  As the old saying goes a picture paints a thousand words, so I have tried to minimise technical jargon, byContinue reading “The importance of physical AP separation”

Certified Wireless Network Expert

Certified Wireless Network Expert (CWNE) The purpose of the blog post is to discuss my journey towards becoming a CWNE and the  common questions I get asked.   CWNE certification is the finale step in the CWNP certification track. For more information about what CWNP offered and the CWNE certification requirements I have added theContinue reading “Certified Wireless Network Expert”

Part 2 Issue with deploying enterprise wireless in the mining industry

  This is continuing on form Part 1 which can be found in the below link Issue of deploying Enterprise wireless in the Mining environment Part 1   The aim of this blog is to highlight some of the common issues that I have faced when designing and installing enterprise wireless network in the miningContinue reading “Part 2 Issue with deploying enterprise wireless in the mining industry”

Part 1: Issue of deploying Enterprise wireless in the Mining environment

The purpose of this blog post is to highlight some of the issues that I have faced over the past 6 years of trying to deploy enterprise and non enterprise wireless solutions in the mining industry. Given the need for mobility,  guest access  and the demand for increased productivity, I have seen a dramatic increaseContinue reading “Part 1: Issue of deploying Enterprise wireless in the Mining environment”

CWNP (CWAP, CWSP, & CWDP) Certifications worth it

Is it worth undertaking the time and effort to achieve any of the CWNP Professional certification such’s as CWAP, CWSP and CWDP? YES it is, without a doubt worth it. After I complete my CWNA, I was wondering what certification track to embark on next, I was looking into CCNP wireless as I already holdContinue reading “CWNP (CWAP, CWSP, & CWDP) Certifications worth it”

Mgig interface and Wave 2 AP’s

I was asked  by one of the network engineers part of the network refresh project about the Mgig interface on the new Wave 2 AP’s and if we should upgrade the switch interface to benefit from the information provided by the vendor data sheets Yes upgrading the switch and APs is a great idea, howeverContinue reading “Mgig interface and Wave 2 AP’s”

Three types of data encryption standards for WiMAX networks

When data is transmitted and received over WiMAX Wireless infrastructure they can use many types of encryption methods below I will quickly highly 3 types of encryption standards that can be used with WiMAX.   Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with 128-bit key Rivest, Shamir and Adleman (RSA) with 1024-bit key Triple Digital Encryption Standard (3-DES)Continue reading “Three types of data encryption standards for WiMAX networks”