Metageek Wi-Spy AIR Review

I have been eyeing of the Wi-Spy-Air product for awhile and due to Covid-19 Metageek had an unbelievable 50% of sale, making purchasing the device an easy choice. So after using this device for the past few months I think it time to write up a small review about my thoughts on it.

Picture from Metageek site of the Wi-Spy Air

Some of the key selling points/features of this product is it’s small form factor, the ability to provide layer 1 & 2 information as well as information about connect clients. Easy to use simply plug it into your smart phone, click on the ” Airviewer” application that you have download from either App Store or Google play and away you go.

The Application Air View is easy to use and displays all relevant information clearly . love that get information about client devices and there roaming history.

Video of layer 1 spectrum view
playing around with. Wi-Spy Air menus

The device is small and easy to have it on you at all times to for those just incase moments.

comparing against of the devices that I use with similar features

The device comes with 4 rechargeable AAA batteries which can be recharge via the include USB mini cable.

As well as a heap of other different cable types to allow connection to other smart devices that you may have.

I currently have it setup so that it attaches to the back of my iPhone via velroc that is provided and so it does not block my camera, so I can still take photos if required, the setup seems to work nicely.


  • Small form factor
  • Excellent price and value $799US
  • Rechargeable AAA batteries
  • Integration with Chanalyzer version 5.12
  • Multiple cables for different connections types
  • Same spectrum sweep times as the Metageek DBx
    • 2.4 GHz 507 µsecs
    • 5 GHz 1587 µsecs
  • Can adjust scanning information and focus on specific channel ranges i.e U-NII-1 channels 36-48
  • Displays layer 1 and 2 information as has internal packet capture devices and spec an


  • Based on the Application versions at the time of this blog there are a couple couple of small glitches I experince
    • The App sometimes closes upon opening
    • Won’t detect Wi-Spy Air is connected at times, so have disconnect and reconnect.
  • Case could be built out of strong plastic as I feel it could be break or get damage rather easiliy.

Overall I am extremely happy with the product and has been my go to device for the past few months, where I would normally have had to pull out other devices that take more time to setup for the same result.

In conclusion I would recommend this product to the Wi-Fi Professional or hobbyist and if it was to get stolen or lost? I would buy it again.

Hope this was useful? leave a comment if there is anything else you would like to know otherwise, Cheers.

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