Measure, measure and measure

There are many design consideration we need to account for in our RF designs. one of them is the impact objects such as:

  • Walls
  • Windows
  • Door
  •  other fixed structures

Have on signal propagation.

If we did not measure i.e a wall , how do we know what the loss is and what the affect that will have on our designs?  We don’t!

By performing attenuation measurements of structures, doors and walls etc, the data collected from this can then be use with a wireless design software  such as Ekahau or iBwave to simulated the RF,  so that we are able to better design a wireless network that meets the customers requirements

While there are times when we cannot measure and need to use a “estimated” dB loss values i.e.  building has not been built and need approximate for a  bill of materials

But if you a performing a wireless site survey regardless of the method you use with the intent of doing design, you must be doing attenuation measurements.

The skill set is not difficult to learn or hard to perform. Listed below are some resource that  have documented the theory, methodology and equipment need to perform this required task.

Tom Carpenter (2014) Certified Wireless Design Professional (CWDP-302 Edition). Cerititrek Publishing

Devin Akin (2018) Certified Wireless Design Professional Training course

Ekahau training course

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