Using Apple IOS devices to provide basic Wi-Fi information

The following information is a simple process that can be used to gather very basic Wi-Fi information from the perspective of the Apple IOS client device.

Information captured as part of the process can then be emailed and reviewed.

Required the following;

  • Apple IOS devices i.e. IPad
  • Airport Utility installed
  • Notes application  ( installed by default)
  • Email account synced to IPad

Step 1: Confirm Apple device has sufficient battery life for testing

Step 2:  If required  support contact details, as information collected can be emailed for review

Step 3: Understand how perform screen captures on your Apple device i.e. IPad “this may vary based on versions


The following steps will required access to the internet and apple app store to download “Airport Utility”.

Once the App has installed, the remainder of the steps for this section will be configuring and testing the application before using at in the field.

Step 5: Click on App store application


Step 6: In search bar type “Airport utility” and click on the app


Step 7: Click download button


Step 8: Upon completion of download, go to “Settings”


Step 9: In “Settings” scroll down to till you locate the “Airport Utility” application, click on it


Step 10: At the bottom click and enable “Wi-Fi Scanner”


  • Exit out of settings

Step 11: Click “Airport Utility” application


Step 12:  Click “Wi-Fi Scan”


Step 13: Click “Scan”


  • Wireless networks will hopefully start appearing. i.e.

Step 14: Click “Stop” after 15-30 seconds


Testing of application is now complete, exit out of application

Step 15: locate a fire evacuation map, they are usually located as you enter the area, take a photo on IPad

Step 16: Go to location of reported wireless issues,

Step 17: Click “Airport utility” application


Step 18: Click “Wi-Fi Scan”


Step 19: Adjust bar to 30 seconds


Step 20: Click “Scan”


  • (Wireless networks will hopefully start appearing). i.e.


    • The scan will complete upon reaching the duration it was set for i.e. 30 seconds

Step 21: Click22.PNG   located at the bottom of the screen

Step 22: Click “Copy”


Step 23: Exit out of application

Step 24: Click “Photos”


Step 25: Select the photo of map

Step 26: Click “Edit”


Step 27: Click 27.PNG located at top left of the screen

Step 28: Click “Markup”


Step 29: Select suitable color and marker


  • Identify and mark your location clearly
    • Be as accurate as possible

Step 30: Click “Done” twice

Step 31: Click 31.PNG

Step 31: Scroll across and click “More”


Step 32: Scroll down and click “Notes”


  • Photo will appear, click and pasted saved Wi-Fi Scan information


Step 33: Save “Note”

  • Repeat the process for all locations where wireless issues have been reported

The finale process if required is to send the capture information via emailed so that it can be reviewed

Step 34: Click “Notes” application


Step 35: Click on saved “note”

  • This will contained the photo and Wi-Fi Scan information i.e.

Step 36: Click


Step 37: Click “Mail” application”


  • This will automatically import all the saved information into the text field on the email.


    • Add information about the location name and details that may be relevant

Step 37: Send email to Wireless engineer to be reviewed


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