CCNP Wireless Deploy (300-365)

The following information is for anyone that is looking at or is currently studying for the CCNP Wireless Deploy (300-365) exam.

Information about the CCNP Wireless exams can be found here as well there is a CCNP Wireless study group

Study material is limited but I have listed what is available below, the best thing is to do given the limited official study material is breakdown the exam blue print and mark the sections of as you become confident in the topic.

Study material:

  • Cisco deployment guides based on the code version of the exam
  • Cisco CCNP wireless Quick reference guides

For this exam you will need to buy or borrow some lab equipment, so to ensure you grasp the topic’s in the blue print.

Equipment at a minimum:

  • 2x 2504
    • Can do most WLC configurations expect HA SSO and rate limiting
  • 4x 3502 or better
    • Can re-image 2 for Autonomous AP studies
  • Server that is able to run Prime, ISE, windows server, and windows client

This will enable you to do a lot of the topics in the blue print.

I sat the exam on March 2019, and passed on first attempt with about 20minutes of spare time left over.  Same with the CCNP-W Design exam the Deploy exam has the typical Cisco question, where it could have two right answer but the correct one depends on what document you read.

The exam does have configuration/troubleshooting questions as well as lab simulations in it, so hands on experience is a must if you aim to pass.

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