CCNP Wireless Design (300-360)

The following information is for anyone that is looking at or is currently studying for the CCNP Wireless Design (300-360) exam.

Information about the CCNP Wireless exams can be found here  as well there is a CCNP Wireless study group

The following material below is what I would recommend for anyone looking at studying for this exam

Study material:

CWNP: Certified Wireless Design Professional study guide (CWDP-302)

Cisco CCNP Wireless CUWSS Quick guides

  • Old book, yes but so is Cisco wireless design methodologies

Cisco E- learning

Cisco deployment guides based on the code version of the exam

In Nov 2018, I sat the CCNP Wireless Design (300-360) exam and passed it, I finished the exam with plenty of spare time. The exam had typical Cisco question, where it could have two right answer but the correct one depends on what document you read.

The exam was based on a lot of Cisco best practices and wireless standards, if you have been doing Cisco Wireless or wireless design in general for some time you may find the exam not that difficult. If you haven’t I suggest reading the material mentioned above and visiting the CCNP Study group linked above.

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