CCNP Wireless Design (300-360)

The following information is for anyone that is looking at or is currently studying for the CCNP Wireless Design (300-360) exam. Information about the CCNP Wireless exams can be found here ¬†as well there is a CCNP Wireless study group The following material below is what I would recommend for anyone looking at studying forContinue reading “CCNP Wireless Design (300-360)”

How many clients can we have per radio?

A very common question we wireless professionals get asked is. How many clients per AP can we have on this AP? To help us determine and better answers this question there are some excellent resource available that I have linked below. Highly recommend becoming familiar with them. Capacity Planner by Andrew Von Nagy at RevolutionwifiContinue reading “How many clients can we have per radio?”

CCA from Another Perspective

As we know 802.11 is half-duplex, so devices must check the wireless medium to determine if it is free or busy before it can send traffic, No issues there. Where it gets interesting is when we look at the thresholds¬†(at a high level) that determine if the medium is busy. Part of the mechanism usedContinue reading “CCA from Another Perspective”