Certified Wireless Network Expert

Certified Wireless Network Expert (CWNE)


The purpose of the blog post is to discuss my journey towards becoming a CWNE and the  common questions I get asked.


CWNE certification is the finale step in the CWNP certification track. For more information about what CWNP offered and the CWNE certification requirements I have added the link below.


I have done up some pervious blog posts on my journey with the CWNA and CWNP certifications, links are posted below.



In April 2018  after a gruelling  4months of waiting since submitting my CWNE application, I received the email congratulating me that I have successfully become CWNE#269, once I read the email I jumped out of my chair and repeatedly fist pump the air.

Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 11.00.05 am.png

Why did I decided to embark on this journey?

  • It made perfect sense given my passion for wireless, experience, current job role and responsibilities.

How long did the process take?

  • Having achieved certain requirements already, such as vendor certifications, experience etc. It took around 12 months to complete the exams and application. Normal process is around 3 years minimum.

What order did I complete my exams in?

  • CWNA, CWDP, CWAP, & CWSP. There is a lot of talk about doing it in the following order CWNA, CWAP, CWSP & CWDP, and there is logic to this, but I did it in the order of topics I found the most interesting.

What exam did I find the hardest?

  • CWSP, I didn’t find the exam hard, just trying to stay motivated to study for it was difficult.

When did I start working on my CWNE application?

  • When I started studying for my last exam (CWSP).

What did I write my essays on?

  • Analysis, design and security, this seems to be the normal approach

How many words where my essay’s?

  • Keeping your essay in the minimum and maximum word count is difficult. I included pictures which added more pages to each essay. But overall I think they were around 1500 words, there is talk that it should be less.

What  vendor certifications did I use as part of my application?

  • CCNP R & S
  • CCDA

How did I submit my application?

  • I submitted my application via email, by attaching the individual sections of the application. Note there is a lot of people on the CWNE board so your formatting or structure of your application may not be preferred by some members.

Would I recommend CWNE certification?

  • It depends, on you own personal circumstances, such as experience, career goals,  current job etc. For me it made perfect sense and has greatly benefited my career.
    • I do strongly believe anyone working with 802.11 networks should hold a CWNA certification.

Any misc. tips?

  • Get a CWNE mentor, I was extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work with a 2xCCIE and CWNE over the period of 2017. In Australia CWNE’s are rare as hens teeth.
  • Get fellow peers to review your application.
  • Don’t rush it.
  • Prepared to wait a few months to get the final response on your application. The CWNE board is volunteer based.
  • If you don’t get an email saying your application has been received email until you do.
  • Get solid referrers:
    • I think it should be mandatory that one is a CWNE, that can validate your work ethic and knowledge.
  • Remember your application needs to sell you as a wireless expert.
  • Be active in the Wireless community, The wireless community in Australia is tiny and its even smaller when you exclude the wireless people that have no idea what they are doing 🙂 so  reach out, get involved in
    • Twitter
    • Slack
    • Wireless LAN association
    • Forums
    • Blogs
    • youtube

Hope this post has been able to provide some answers to the common questions I get about the CWNE certification.








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