CWNP (CWAP, CWSP, & CWDP) Certifications worth it

Is it worth undertaking the time and effort to achieve any of the CWNP Professional certification such’s as CWAP, CWSP and CWDP?

YES it is, without a doubt worth it.

After I complete my CWNA, I was wondering what certification track to embark on next, I was looking into CCNP wireless as I already hold a CCNA Wireless, and the company I work for is a Cisco shop.

However I decided to embark on the CWDP certification, as I was currently doing a great deal of wireless site surveys and designs, I also was very luck to have the opportunity to work on a project with a 2x CCIE and CWNE, which motivated me to not only study for my CWDP but also achieve the other 2 certifications and go for my CWNE, as he offered to endorse me, ( part of the application process to become a CWNE requires 3x endorsement one of which is highly recommend to be current CWNE) after 7 months of study I pass all 3 CWNP exams first time with 85% pass on all of them.

The order I completed the exams was CWDP , CWAP and CWSP this is not the most recommend way to complete the exams but suited my strengths and interests which is what I suggest.

The study time line is as follows

  • CWDP: just under 2 months
  • CWAP: just over 3 months
  • CWSP: just over 2 months

I spent on average 2-3hrs a day studying for these exams, while juggling university studies, family and work life.

my average Mon-Friday day consisted of the following while studying

  • 3:50am wake Up (caffeine lots of it)
  • 4:00am study  CWNP study
  • 5:00am  Exercise
  • 5:45am family/work routing
  • 7:00am study CWNP on train 50mins
  • 12:00pm lunch study CWNP 15mins
  • 4:30pm study on strain 50mins
  • 7:30pm study on CWNP and uni
  • 9:30pm Bed


  • 5:00am wake Up (caffeine lots of it)
  • 5:15am study CWNP study
  • 8am-6:30pm family time/ go to the gym for 1hr
  • 7pm Uni study
  • 9:30pm Bed

when I had university assignments and exams coming up my daily routine was different as well life, work and kids always make things interesting but the above is the average.

The CWNP study guides are excellent and some of the best I have read. Exams as straight forward and if you know the material the question wont trick you up like some exams.

I actually found the CWSP exam the hardest out of all them, most say they find the CWAP the hardest, but for me it was not the case.

I can honestly say I really enjoyed studying for the CWNP certifications, as there is nothing worse  than having to read something you couldn’t give a rats ass about.

The knowledge and skills I learnt from this have greatly assisted me with in ever aspect of my job as a Wireless network engineer and I recommend the certifications to anyone.

Now that I have completed the CWNP track I will be applying for my CWNE which deserve a blog post on its own.

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