Cisco Channel bonding


The following channel width options are recommendations for use in  Enterprise wireless networks.

Frequency Channel width
2.4GHz 20MHz
5GHz 20MHz & 40MHz*


* If 40MHz wide channels are required, the following tests listed below should be performed before moving to or deploying 40MHz wide channels*.

  •  RF spectrum analyse will be required to ensure available spectrum and issue such as co-channel and adjacent channel interference are correctly managed.
  •  If changing channel widths, a passive and active wireless site survey will be required to be perform to ensure coverage or capacity is not affected.
  •  Aggregate data throughput testing will be required for justification of utilising 40MHz wide channels.

Channel width cans be adjusted in the following methods list below.

To configure channel width globally, perform the following steps:

  1. Wireless> 802.11an/n/ac> RRM>DCA
  2. Channel width> selected suitable width 20MHz or 40MHz
  • If selecting 40MHz wide channels ensure that at least two adjacent channels(primary and secondary) are selected form the DCA channel list
  1. Apply settings and save configuration

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 8.27.11 am.png

Figure 1 Global channel width configuration

RF profiles can also be applied to groups of APs that share a common coverage zone i.e. floor Depending on you wireless requirement you can customers or use default profile settings.

To change the Channel width

  1. Wireless>RF Profiles
  2. Create or used default profile
  3. RRM> click on channel and click Apply

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 8.27.24 am.png

Figure 2 RF profile

RF profile can be applied to an AP group with the required channel width and custom or default profile.

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