CWNA certification, is it worth it?

If you are reading this you have idea of what the CWNA (certified wireless network administrator) is and what CWNP offer but if not this is straight from the website.

“At CWNP, we offer Enterprise Wi-Fi certifications for entry-level professionals all the way up to seasoned network experts. Each certification level is designed to benchmark your deepening understanding of RF technologies and applications of 802.11 networks. The CWNA certification will teach you the fundamentals  to be a competent Wireless engineer. The topics covered in the certification including RF fundamentals and components, wireless LAN topologies and access, intrusion monitoring, attacks, troubleshooting, and many other essential topics and concept”.

Having been in the communication field for over 11 years having done my trade as a telecommunication technician in the Army, I had not heard of the CWNA certification or for that matter the CWNP  company, until one day I was in conversation with a tech from another company, and we got on to the topic of wireless certifications.

I told him I was studying for the CCNA wireless certification, as I was doing a lot of Cisco wireless in my current role.  He mentioned that I should look into CWNA certification as its vendor neutral and provides a deeper understanding of all things 802.11.

This caught my interest as I wanted to have a good foundation of 802.11 with out all the extra vendor specific information. At lunch time I googled the CWNA and discovery what the CWNP had to offer, I instantly new this was the certification track that I wanted to embark on. So once pay day came around I bought myself a copy of the  CWNA eBook. (funds where short that week) and started reading.

The material in the book was excellent and well written. After a few months of on and off reading ,I start looking into the certification exam and the value it would add to my CV, as a I was trying change job roles within the company I work for.

To get a understanding of the worth of the qualification I starting searching forums and employment sites and came to the conclusion it was not in demand or well known in my country (Australia).

So I decided to focus my studies on completing  the CCNA Wireless exam, as I felt it would add to my CV, as I currently held a CCNP Route & Switch.

After many months of study  I successfully completed the exam, and  eventually move to an new position.  During the first few months in this new role and to this day, I still  continually reference back to the CWNA book for wireless information.  So I decided to knuckle down and study for the exam, not to add wait to my CV  but for myself as the information learnt from studying for this certification will make you a better wireless engineer.

After 6months + of hard study,  I sat the exam  and walked out with a  98% pass mark. I was blown away by my pass mark,  I put it down to the fact that I loved reading the material which made grasping the topic so much more easier.

I  strongly believe that if you are interested in learning wireless (802.11),  the CWNP training and certification track is the path you must go down.











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