Kali Linux VMware tools install

Installation VMware tools allows better performance of the Virtual Machine in this case Kali Linux. Depending on VMware you are running i.e Workstation,Vsphere client or Fusion  location the VMware tools install location will be different. The below location is for VMware Fusion. CLICK install VMware tools (has Reistall VMware Tools as it is already installed).Continue reading “Kali Linux VMware tools install”

Cisco Channel bonding

  The following channel width options are recommendations for use in  Enterprise wireless networks. Frequency Channel width 2.4GHz 20MHz 5GHz 20MHz & 40MHz*   * If 40MHz wide channels are required, the following tests listed below should be performed before moving to or deploying 40MHz wide channels*.  RF spectrum analyse will be required to ensureContinue reading “Cisco Channel bonding”

Antenna Types overview

Antenna types fall into 3 main categories Omnidirectional Semi-directional Highly directional   Which will be discussed below. Omnidirectional Antennas Omnidirectional antennas radiate RF signal in all directions, a typical omnidirectional antenna is dipole antenna, that has a radiation pattern similar to figure 1. Figure 1: Omnidirectional Antenna propagation pattern   Omnidirectional antenna  are designed toContinue reading “Antenna Types overview”

CWNA certification, is it worth it?

If you are reading this you have idea of what the CWNA (certified wireless network administrator) is and what CWNP offer but if not this is straight from the website. “At CWNP, we offer Enterprise Wi-Fi certifications for entry-level professionals all the way up to seasoned network experts. Each certification level is designed to benchmarkContinue reading “CWNA certification, is it worth it?”

Cisco WLC HA Pair

Cisco High Availability pair configuration I did this how to blog post to show the steps I took to configure 2x 5508 Wireless LAN Controllers as part of a High availability (HA) pair. A more detail explanation can be found at Cisco.com. Some techie information about HA .The High availability feature will allow for stateful switchover ofContinue reading “Cisco WLC HA Pair”

Components of a Radio system

A basic construction of a typical radio system consist of filters, mixers amplifiers and antennas. Filter: removes all unwanted signals from a Radio frequency signal. It either allows the signal to pass through or blocks the signal based on it frequency configuration. There are 3 types of RF filters Low-pass: a max frequency is setContinue reading “Components of a Radio system”