Wireless Personal area network

What is a WPAN?

WPAN standards for Wireless personal area network, it consist of a group of short range communication  devices that work from distance from a few inches to 10m  and can on occasion reach up to a distances of 30m.

WPAN are usually designed for  data transmission that do not required high data throughput.

WPAN has 3 advantages;

  • Reduce the  need for cables and wires
  • Do not require much power due low out put transmitting power making battery life last for much longer.
  • Due to distance limitation it has somewhat better security and privacy compared to other wireless technologies.

WPAN technology can consist  but are not limited to the following below types devices

  • portable data exchange devices
  • Home control systems
  • audio head sets
  • industrial control systems
  • home security systems
  • RFID tags
  • inventory and asset tracking

Pyles, J. Carrell, J.L. Tittel, E. (2013). Guide to TCP/IP: IPv6 and IPv4 (Fifth Edition). Boston:CENGAGE Learning

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