Wireless Site Survey (EDC)

The following below every day carrier (EDC) items are what I have on me every day at work (as at Oct 2017)

This is my go to kit for all my wireless surveys and fault finding

Engineering laptop:Surface Pro 4-Core i5, 8gigs of ram, 256HDD

Wireless site survey kit contained inside a Pelican 1030 case(Refer to Figure 1 & 2:)

  • 3x USB NIC300  (suggest label with the Mac-address )
  • 2x Metageek DBX
  • 1x Riverbed AirPCAP NX
  • 2x USB cables for DBX
  • 32gb USB- contains Network software applications and drivers

Storage pouch:(refer to figure 3)

  • Alfa networks  802.11b/g /n adapater
  • Alfa networks  802.11ac adapter
  • Antennas for AirCap NX and Alfa cards
  • USB 2 dongle
  • USB 3 dongle
  • RJ45 adapters
  • USB to Ethernet adapters
  • USB 3 cables
  • USB 2 cables
  • USB male to female cable

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 7.26.37 pm.pngScreen Shot 2017-07-27 at 7.27.32 pm.png

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