Frequency Bands

Frequency Bands

Extremely low (ELF)                        3Hz – 30Hz

Super Low (SLF)                               30Hz – 300Hz

Ultra Low (ULF)                                300Hz – 3000Hz (3KHZ)

Very Low (VLF)                                 3KHz – 30KHz

Low (LF)                                             30KHz – 300KHz

Medium (MF)                                  300KHz – 3000KHz (3MHz)

High (HF)                                           3MHz – 30MHz

Very High (VHF)                               30MHz – 300MHz

Ultra High (ULF)                               300MHz – 3000MHz (3GHz)

Super High (SHF)                             3GHz – 30GHz

Extremely High (EHF)                     30GHz – 300GHz

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