Cisco Band Select configuration

Cisco Band Select configuration

All information here and more can be found at, this was just the information I needed to have for a basic understanding of what it does and how to configure it.

Works by delaying/suppressing the first few 802.11b/g probe frames so that client will accept the 802.11a probes because it will appear to have a quicker response time.

  • Band select is configurable only when the radio policy is set to ‘All’.
  • Band select on supported on all types Aps.
  • This feature only works when a client first associates to AP.
  • This feature will not start when the AP notices a high client count or high channel utilization.
  • This feature only goes in one direction ‘2.4GHz >5GHz’ not the other way. Means it will not load balance clients on AP.

Do not use Band select on Voice or other real-time applications, or use with caution and ensure proper testing is conducted, as it can cause roaming delays or dropped calls

 Network configuration

  • Disable by default

Global Band select features

  • The Probe cycle count is the number probe beacons/frames to ignore/delay before a client will associated at 2.4GHz
  • The cycle period is how much time in milliseconds needs to pass for next associating attempt to be considered a unique attempt.
  • Age out Suppression: When the clients will be declared as “new” and may have their probe frames delayed/ignored again.
  • Age Out Dual Band: The AP will not respond to a 2.4GHz probe until a (dual band) client is no longer marked as dual-band (default is 60 seconds). This is to prevent clients associated on 5GHz radio from switching bac to 2.4GHz radio
  • Acceptable client RSSI is how well a 2.4GHz client needs to be heard before trying to push them to the 5GHz band
  • Features can be controlled per-WLAN under the “Advanced” tab

From gui:








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